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Board Assessment

Veritas Solutions is here to assist you with conducting a Board Assessment and providing solutions in the areas of team building, board team charters and training.    

Veritas Solutions has a roster of highly experienced and effective professionals in the areas of Human Resources and HR Risk Management who can work with you to identify the right approach for your organization.

Toxic Risks: A Reality Check for Board Governance

Toxic behaviours and a lack of psychological safety within your Board not only erodes trust but also impedes your organization’s mission, obscures your vision, and will compromise your overall effectiveness.   This challenge must be confronted head-on with courage and a willingness to make the changes necessary. 


This exercise is not an indictment of your Board, but a critical step towards strengthening your Board’s effectiveness. 


Be prepared to lead a serious and open discussion about the issues at hand, emphasizing the importance of addressing toxicity for the betterment of your Board and your organization. 

Toxic Risks:   Do you have an issue on your Board?  

Veritas has prepared a questionnaire which will provide you with thought provoking questions to be asked about the toxicity level of your Board. 

Please click on QUESTIONNAIRE , or scan the QR code to access the questions.

Board Assessment Support   

Veritas Solutions can support you through your Board Assessment process to best meet your needs. We do not take a one size fits all approach but will provide experience and expertise to support you and your board to achieve the outcome you are seeking. 

You can connect with our Team at Veritas through the link below.

Senior Lead - HR Risk Consulting

Mona Sikal - CPHR, CHE

Mona Sikal is the former (retired) Executive Director of Employee Relations at Alberta Health Services (AHS).   She was responsible for leading a team who provide expertise in Psychological Health and Safety; Inclusion, Diversity and Equity, Respectful Workplaces, Conflict Resolution, Investigations and other workplace issues navigation and support.   She has spent the last twenty years in leadership roles and is passionate about creating safe, healthy and inclusive work environments.   Mona has been involved in the senior leadership of strategic initiatives including the planning, development and implementation of programs focussed on people and improving the workplace experience. She has lead, co-lead and sponsored various organization wide initiatives including the AHS Investigation Coordination Team, the AHS Psychological Health and Safety Steering Committee, and the AHS Safe Reporting and Response Steering Committee.  Mona is a Certified Professional in Human Resources (CPHR Alberta) , a Certified Health Executive (CCHL) along with advanced training in Psychological Health and Safety and Trauma Informed Leadership.

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