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Randal Rauser PhD


Randal is a workplace and regulatory investigator with a unique and transferable skill set as a professor in the humanities.  In addition to his highly effective interviewing and investigative experience, Randal is the quality assurance manager for our investigation reports, ensuring the highest quality in the business.

Judy Matthew-Rusnak


Judy combines her extensive investigation and leadership experience with the Canadian Border Services with her continuing education in workplace and regulatory investigations.  Judy’s personality, experience and training ensures our clients are receiving the highest quality of service in their investigation needs.

Randy Pearson

Associate/Investigator/Audit and Compliance

Randy is a former RCMP investigator and current Occupational Health and Safety investigator with extensive training in both fields.  Randy also provides violence hazard identification and controls services in addition to training in his areas of expertise.

Liam Ennis PhD


Liam is an internationally recognized expert in violence and threat risk management.  Liam is a forensic psychologist and has lectured, written and provided service to numerous corporate clients in the areas of threat and risk management.

Annette Bidniak


Annette is an exceptionally gifted trainer and facilitator with extensive experience in the police and corrections industries.  A passionate advocate of healthy workplaces, Annette is a Certified Psychological Health and Safety Advisor and Certified facilitator in the Four Stages of Psychological Safety. 

Jody Craig


Jody is our executive level administrative associate who keeps Veritas Solutions going.  In addition to her extensive executive support experience, Jody is a burgeoning investigator and has continued her education in the field of workplace and regulatory investigations and conducting culture assessments. 

Susan Cassidy

Associate/Human Resource and Labour Relations

Susan is our seasoned Human Resource and Labour Relations expert. With extensive experience in both areas, Susan brings her earned wisdom and problem solving skills together to help our clients risk manage any issue to a successful conclusion. In addition to her LR skills, Susan is a workplace investigator and also brings significant board governance experience to our team.

Bruce Pitt-Payne

Associate/Investigator and Trainer

Bruce is a retired RCMP major crimes investigator and investigative interviewing consultant. Bruce is a seasoned trainer and is recognized internationally as an expert in his field. As a workplace investigator, Bruce ensures that all investigations are conducted with dignity and respect and are fair, thorough, and impartial. 

Patty McCallum


Patty is a retired Calgary Police Service Major Crimes investigator and senior leader. Her extensive interviewing and investigative experience is supplemented by her continued education in investigations and related courses. Patty is trauma informed and sensitive to the complexities and nuances of the most complex of incidents and human resource risks. 

Denise Ledi


Denise is our Diversity, Inclusion and Equity trainer, coach, and consultant. In addition to her graduate level education, Denise’s dynamic background as a leader in mental health services, corrections and forensic psychology is complemented by her training as an executive coach and diversity, inclusion and equity specialist.

Dawna Day


With over 25 years of experience working with Indigenous communities across Canada along with non-profit agencies, school districts, provincial and federal governments, Dawna brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Veritas Solutions. Dawna is a well-respected and trusted Human Resource Professional and Workplace Investigator. Her work is founded on principles of fairness and objectivity, effective listening and respect for the process, people, and organizations that rely on her support. Dawna is a Certified Professional in Human Resources and holds a Masters Degree in Education Administration.

Sue Hopgood

Associate - Conflict Resolution and Workplace Restoration

Sue has 20+ years in the restorative justice and restorative practices field. She is passionate about relationships being the foundation of everything in life. Her work is trauma informed and sensitive to mental health, addictions and historical trauma. Sue specializes in assisting teams and individuals in coming together to repair harm and build healthy organizational cultures in a variety of workplace settings and communities.

Naomi Yamamoto


Naomi brings her extensive business and political experience, combined with her Human Rights interests and workplace investigations training to our team. As a British Columbia MLA for two terms, holding five cabinet positions, Naomi has extensive knowledge of government, emergency management, and advanced education environments.

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