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  • Post-Investigation Workplace restoration

About Veritas Workplace Assessments

Workplace Assessment Services provide a wide range of alternative approaches to a formal investigation of workplace wrongdoing or to prevent a formal complaint or grievance from being filed  A customized approach to addressing workplace concerns is developed to align with your circumstances and needs.  

**Note that a Workplace Assessment process is not recommended when policies or legislative processes require a formal workplace investigation to be conducted.   

A Workplace Assessment is a proactive process designed to identify and address the underlying root cause(s) or that are contributing to the issue.  This is done by collecting information from various sources which could include surveys, focus groups, reviewing documents and/or speaking to individuals in the workplace.  

Examples of situations that may trigger a Workplace Assessment include: 

  • Dysfunctional Team/Productivity Problems – while conflict in the workplace is inevitable, long standing or unresolved conflict can lead to a dysfunctional team and affect organizational performance.  Often the conflict is difficult to define and is deeply ingrained within the team. Additionally, teams that were once productive but now aren’t or teams that appear to be functioning on the surface but are not meeting expected results may have underlying issues.  Looking at the systems, processes and work experiences of the team members, the root cause can be effectively identified and a long term and sustainable resolution achieved. 
  • Recurring Issues/Complaints/Rumor’s – a number of anonymous complaints/concerns/grievances/where there is not enough information to conduct a workplace investigation or situations where there are issues, but a lack of specific information makes an investigation impossible.    A well-designed workplace assessment will bring out/surface these issues and clarify what needs to be done to address them.   
  • Leadership/Management Concerns – Often, through other complaint processes,  general concerns about leadership effectiveness are raised but do not support a formal investigation process.   A Management Review can be a useful tool to gather information from managers, employees and others about the effectiveness of the leadership practices and to identify areas of improvement. 

A Workplace Assessment/review utilizes investigative practices but is not considered a workplace investigation. The findings of a review may uncover negligence, recklessness or intentional misconduct, however, the evidence will not be tested to an investigative standard.  A Workplace Assessment/review is designed to provide sufficient information for the client to make informed risk management decisions. An assessment/review also highlights what is working effectively within the team to enable opportunities to be maximized.  

Types of Workplace Assessments:

Culture assessments identify workplace risk factors that may develop into serious issues and concerns such as formal complaints, health and safety or human rights complaints, grievances or lawsuits.   All relevant information and data from within the workplace is gathered, assessed and options provided to enable the development of a customized, systematic strategy and action plan. Culture assessments can be done for a whole organization or for targeted areas of the organization. 

A risk review is designed to understand past and current decisions, actions or responses to critical issues affecting the workplace. Reviews will include documentary examination and select personnel interviewsReviews can be utilized to prepare for civil litigation, occupational health and safety or human rights investigations/tribunals or arbitration hearings. 

A management/leadership review collects, analyzes, and provides a report to clients as related to specific management practices, activities or concernsThese are utilized when there is no formal complaint but there are indirect, anonymous, or external concerns related to the actions of individuals in management/leadership positions. Utilizing anonymous surveys, and optional anonymous interviews, a management review will provide the client with information received from employees that will assist in making informed and legally defensible decisions 

Workplaces are often left fractured and individuals are psychologically affected after a serious investigation regardless of role (witness, respondent, complainant )   It is incumbent on  the organization to support psychological health and safety in the workplace post investigation or post traumatic event. A customized approach to addressing workplace restoration for teams and individuals is key to ensuring the provision of psychologically safe, healthy and inclusive work environments 

What now?  Follow Up Supports 

 Following the completion of an assessment/review an identified list of options and potential actions will be provided.  These may include but are not limited to: 

  • Workplace Restoration support and expertise

 Veritas Solutions can adapt and customize any of these responses to best meet your needs. We do not take a one size fits all approach but will provide experience and expertise to support clients to achieve the outcome they are seeking. 

Senior Lead - HR Risk Consulting

Mona Sikal - CPHR, CHE

Mona Sikal is the former (retired) Executive Director of Employee Relations at Alberta Health Services (AHS).   She was responsible for leading a team who provide expertise in Psychological Health and Safety; Inclusion, Diversity and Equity, Respectful Workplaces, Conflict Resolution, Investigations and other workplace issues navigation and support.   She has spent the last twenty years in leadership roles and is passionate about creating safe, healthy and inclusive work environments.   Mona has been involved in the senior leadership of strategic initiatives including the planning, development and implementation of programs focussed on people and improving the workplace experience. She has lead, co-lead and sponsored various organization wide initiatives including the AHS Investigation Coordination Team, the AHS Psychological Health and Safety Steering Committee, and the AHS Safe Reporting and Response Steering Committee.  Mona is a Certified Professional in Human Resources (CPHR Alberta) , a Certified Health Executive (CCHL) along with advanced training in Psychological Health and Safety and Trauma Informed Leadership.

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