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Thursday, February 22, 2024

Credibility Assessments for Regulatory Complaints

Because It’s Never Just “He Said She Said” 

Credibility Assessments for Regulatory Complaints 

Do you work in the regulatory world?  Have you ever had a complaint or investigation that relied solely on the statements of the complainant and regulated member? Who do you believe, how do you make that decision? 

Credibility Assessments are a necessary tool when: 1) there are conflicting stories or contradictory evidence, such as “he said, she said, they said situations;” 2) there are no witnesses other than the complainant and regulated member, 3) there is no other evidence to support or refute the allegations, and 4) where there is an element of the complaint which has a subjective component such as consent or assumed consent.  

Join us March 5, 2024, for a live webinar that will demonstrate the necessity for credibility assessments at all stages in Regulatory Investigations. This webinar is open to everyone in the regulatory world, whether you are directly involved in regulatory investigations, making decisions related to professional conduct, or just someone passionate about protecting the public, we’d love to have you there.  

This webinar establishes credibility assessments as a foundational step in addressing complaints and as a tool to assist the decision maker in determining the next steps of the complaint: 1) on receipt of the complaint, 2) during the investigative stage, and 3) during a hearing tribunal.  

During this session, we will: 
✓ Discuss the value of credibility assessments as an effective tool in regulatory investigations. 
✓ Highlight some risks and concerns for regulators if the credibility of the parties is not formally assessed at each stage of the complaint process. 
✓ Provide an overview of the key considerations and strategies used for determining credibility. 

“For a decision maker to accept both versions as plausible and to dismiss an allegation by saying that the onus of proof has not been satisfied is […] a denial of justice” (1996, Justice John D. Rooke).

Lauren Hanon and Lisa De Sousa are excited to offer this free webinar through Veritas Solutions

Register now using the link below. 

Credibility Assessments for Regulatory Complaints Webinar


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