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May, 23 2024

Toxic Risks: A Reality Check for Board Governance

Inter-personal Risks and Dynamics:

The webinar explores how dysfunctional boards can become battlegrounds with power plays and manipulative tactics. It’s crucial for board members to recognize these dynamics early to mitigate negative impacts on decision-making.

Target Audience:

Designed for individuals in board governance roles or those reporting to the board. Understanding these dynamics is essential for both managing upwards and navigating internal politics effectively.

Challenges in Board Governance:

Despite the potential for fulfillment, board roles can also lead to significant stress, trauma, sleeplessness, and even legal issues. Awareness and proactive management of these risks are key to personal and professional health.

Transformation Through Values:

Bob Stenhouse discusses strategies for transforming board culture by focusing on truth, justice, empathy, and integrity. Embedding these values can lead to more effective and ethical governance.

Practical Takeaways:

Participants will learn how to identify and address toxic behaviors within board settings. The skills gained can help create a more supportive and functional board environment.


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