Human Resource / Workplace Investigations

Our workplace investigations branch is led by Director, Susan Cassidy, MBA, CPHR. Susan has decades of experience as a human resource and labor relations professional up to the executive level. Our investigation methodology and integrity is founded on the principles of natural justice and procedural fairness.  

Our associate investigators are trained, experienced, fair, thorough, trauma informed, and sensitive to the interpersonal dynamics and challenges often present in a workplace investigation.  

Veritas Solutions’ investigation reports and findings have withstood legal scrutiny at arbitration hearings, civil lawsuits, courts, tribunals, and ombudsperson reviews.  

Our quality assurance process ensures a well-founded and reasoned analysis based on evidence. 

The Veritas Solutions methodology, taught by our CEO to Human Resource professionals across western Canada, includes the conducting of a systematic credibility assessment of the parties, which is a critical analytical tool in the classic “he said / she said” scenario often found in a workplace investigation.  

Susan Cassidy, MBA, CPHR

Director, Workplace / Human Resource Investigations

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