Church and Faith-Based Organizations

Our church and faith-based organization branch is led by Director, Randal Rauser, PhD. Randal is a theologian, retired professor of theology, published author, speaker, and professional investigator. Randal has conducted over 60 workplace, regulatory, and faith-based organization investigations in his five years with Veritas Solutions.  

Randal has successfully investigated current and historical investigations related to sexual misconduct, bullying, and spiritual abuses in churches, Christian schools, and universities across Canada.  

Randal and our CEO have also delivered training in how to conduct investigations and mitigate risks to a large Christian university, one of the largest churches in Canada, and are developing further training and writing a book on how to identify, detect, investigate, and eliminate abuses in churches and faith-based organizations.  

Randal Rauser, PhD

Director, Church and Faith-based Organizations

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