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Susan Cassidy MBA, CPHR

Director - Workplace/Human Resource Investigations

Susan is our seasoned Human Resource and Labour Relations expert. With extensive experience in both areas, Susan brings her earned wisdom and problem solving skills together to help our clients risk manage any issue to a successful conclusion. In addition to her LR skills, Susan is a workplace investigator and also brings significant board governance experience to our team. Susan is our senior leader for HR investigations and provides exceptional quality assurance and guidance to these cases. 

Lisa DeSousa RN

Director - Regulatory Investigations

Lisa is an experienced regulatory investigator with over 10 years’ experience investigating all forms of professional misconduct including (but not limited to) sexual abuse, drug diversion, harassment, and competency. She has handled complicated cases involving multiple complainants, multiple respondents, and significantly complex and/or egregious circumstances.

During a period as Deputy Complaints Director with the College of Registered Nurses of Alberta she provided oversite to other investigators and their files, providing support and guidance.

Lisa comes with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and over 25 years’ experience as a Registered Nurse. The combination of her nursing roles, specifically her role as a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner for over 10 years, has accredited her with extensive experience in conducting interviews and collection of evidence.

Lisa is a lifelong learner and holds a National Certified Investigator and Inspector Training (NCIT) Specialized Certificate with the Council on Licensure Enforcement and Regulation (CLEAR). She also holds certificates in Advanced Workplace Investigations and Forensic Studies. She has received a vast amount of training in a variety of approaches to interviewing including Trauma Informed and Forensic Interviewing. She is an instructor with the Council of Licensing, Enforcement and Regulation, instructing the NCIT Basic Program (Canadian Content) with CLEAR.

Scott Doran MPA

Director - Sport Investigations

Scott is a retired RCMP investigator, risk manager and senior executive with extensive high profile investigation experience. From small town policing, to homicide undercover, and international terrorism, Scott brings these experiences and honed skill-set to his role as an investigator with Veritas Solutions. Scott has training and expertise in the area of sport investigations and is our senior leader in this stream. Scott is also a certified investigator with the Office of the Sport Integrity Commission (OSIC)

Randal Rauser PhD

Director - Faith Based Organizations Investigations

Randal Rauser is Director of Faith Based Organization Investigations and has been an associate investigator with Veritas Solutions since 2019. In that time, he has completed over sixty investigations. 

Randal is passionate about the cause of truth and the importance of encouraging healthy religious organizations while shining a light on institutional vulnerabilities and instances of abuse and dysfunction. 

Randal has a PhD from Kings College, University of London and is a licensed professional investigator in the province of Alberta. For twenty years, he was a graduate school professor and is the author/co-author of sixteen books

Basma Sheikh MSc

Director - Corporate Training

Basma is the Director of Corporate Training at Veritas Solutions. Her background in training and development and Organizational Psychology allows Basma to develop and provide impactful trainings relevant to industries throughout North America.

All corporate trainings at Veritas are developed through the lens of human resources risk management and a deep consideration for varying needs.

Basma is also an investigator with Veritas Solutions and supports in workplace investigations.

Basma believes that ongoing learning and education is necessary for reformative change in the workplace. She firmly believes in fostering workplace climates that are inclusive, respectful and reflect civility which in turn minimize human resources risks. Basma’s primary goal in all trainings is to foster education and growth as well as psychological safety for all attendees. She believes having difficult and challenging conversations in a respectful, safe and open manner is the key to bringing reformative change.

Basma has a Master of Science in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, a former trainer and expertise in IDEA (inclusion, diversity, equity, accessibility) trainings and concepts, she specializes in leadership development and has been formally trained in workplace investigations.

Lauren Hanon LLB/BCL

Associate Lawyer/Investigator

Lauren is a lawyer and an investigator with experience conducting investigations in the workplace, in faith-based organizations, and regulatory investigations.

She has experience working in private practice, in government, and in Indigenous communities. Lauren has worked closely with First Nations and Metis communities to develop youth recreation programming, in addition to working with the provincial Minister of Indigenous Relations as a Ministerial Advisor. Lauren articled with the Alberta provincial government, and then developed a private practice in civil litigation and family law, before becoming an investigator with Veritas Solutions.

Lauren combines her legal training and analysis skills with her leadership, emotional intelligence, and communication skills to conduct impartial investigations. Whether an individual is a complainant, a witness, or a respondent in an investigation, she appreciates that the process can take a personal toll on all those involved, and strives to be fair, unbiased, and kind.

Janet Juneau

Administrative Professional Coordinator

Janet recently joined Veritas Solutions as Administrative Professional Coordinator . She coordinates and manages various administrative tasks for the Veritas Team. Her key role is ensuring top notch administrative support to Investigators, Directors, the CEO and COO.

Janet facilitates communication and workflow as well as liaises between team members and our clients. While being tech-savvy and proficient in social media and several digital platforms including Microsoft Office Suite, she provides exceptional customer service while always maintaining the strictest confidentiality.

Janet has many years of executive administrative experience which include being a senior litigation assistant at a prestigious and highly respected law firm for over 19 years.  She attended the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology Office Administration program and has taken several legal and administrative courses as part of being a lifelong learner.

Janet cherishes spending time with family, being in nature, and listening to music. She is passionate about animals and our planet. She volunteers with a local animal rescue which brings her immense joy and satisfaction

Lisa Etty-Stenhouse

Executive Assistant to Bob Stenhouse

As an Executive Assistant at Veritas Solutions, Lisa combines her organizational skills and passion as an educator and consultant to provide administrative support to the CEO and our growing Human Resource Risk Management company.

Understanding our clients’ needs, applying her communication, organizational, and problem-solving skills while coordinating meetings, events, and investigative training are all part of Lisa’s role, in addition to managing our CEO’s calendar and consulting requests to ensure the smooth and efficient operation of the Executive Office.

Ted Wolff

Chief Operations Officer

Ted is the COO of Veritas and looks after day-to-day operational functions, accounting and business development at Veritas. He is a successful award-winning entrepreneur and PI, with decades of experience in HR, business coaching, management, product development,  manufacturing operations, sales and customer services, administration, bookkeeping, financial record keeping and reporting. 

Judy Matthew-Rusnak

Associate Investigator

Judy combines her investigation and senior leadership experience with the Canadian Border Services with her continuing education in workplace and regulatory investigations.  Judy’s personality, experience and training ensures our clients are receiving the highest quality of service in their investigation needs.

Barb Sexsmith MA

Associate Investigator

Barb is a former frontline worker and Senior Manager in Alberta Corrections working extensively with divers populations presenting with issues around mental health, trauma, addictions and anger. As well as workplace investigations, policy development and interviewing, she has extensive experience in investigations in the public and private sector, providing service that is trauma informed, sensitive and respectful. Barb has a Master’s degree in leadership and Training and has developed Respectful Workplace Programs and teaches college level human services courses.

Leanne Lempriere

Associate Investigator

Leanne is an experienced investigator with a focus on intricate workplace dynamics, particularly within healthcare settings.
With over 15 years of dedicated service in conducting thorough investigations, Leanne is proficient in navigating the unique challenges of ensuring a fair and unbiased approach to workplace concerns.

She is adept at collaborating with diverse stakeholders to address complex issues with sensitivity and confidentiality. Skilled in producing detailed reports and committed to upholding the highest ethical standards in every investigation, she is looking forward to working with all of you.

Christopher Palfy

Associate Investigator

Christopher is a retired RCMP police officer with extensive experience in investigations ranging from routine property crimes to complex International drug trafficking, organized crime, and National security crimes. His experience in senior leadership running a police department in Alberta has also provided him extensive experience conducting workplace investigations. 

At Veritas, Chris’s work is currently focused on human resource and sports investigations. 

Chris completed 26 years in the RCMP and has formal police training as an undercover police officer, Organized crime investigator, Team commander, wiretap affidavit writer, interviewer, and trauma informed investigator. At Veritas, Chris has received training in Credibility Assessments, as well as investigator certification through CPHR. 

Diana McDaniel

Associate Investigator

Diana is a retired Senior Leader from Municipal Policing in British Columbia and brings experience in investigations, interviewing, human resources and organizational awareness. Diana’s approach is with a trauma informed lens and is dedicated to providing detailed, objective and thorough investigations.

Patty McCallum

Associate Investigator

Patty is a retired Calgary Police Service Major Crimes investigator and senior leader. Her advanced interviewing and investigative experience is supplemented by her continued education in investigations and related courses. Patty is trauma informed and sensitive to the complexities and nuances of the most complex of incidents and human resource risks. 

Patty Kohl

Associate Investigator

Patty retired after a 36 year career with Alberta Correctional Services, where she was the Director of Professional Standards. She brings extensive workplace and incident investigation experience and expertise to Veritas. She also provides alternative dispute resolution services to organizations.

Paul McGowan

Associate Investigator

Paul is an experienced former RCMP investigator. After policing, he entered the world of Corporate Security, spending 18 years developing an expertise in identifying and mitigating corporate risk. Paul’s personal passion has been working within the BC Hockey Program, obtaining an Advance Coaching Certification. Paul is a valued member of our Sport Investigations team.

Jill Husby

Associate Investigator

Jill Husby is an Associate Investigator with Veritas Solutions. She is a dedicated Chartered Professional in Human Resources (CPHR) with extensive knowledge and over a decade of experience conducting investigations in the areas of misconduct, harassment, respect in the workplace, professional competence and policy non-compliance.

Jill has a keen interest in human behaviour and strives to apply a trauma-informed lens in order to deeply understand the perspectives of all parties during an investigation.

Her other areas of expertise include strategic business partnering, psychological safety, policy development, labour relations, coaching and mentorship, which she has garnered from her time spent in the healthcare and aviation industries.

Jill holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree, with additional certifications in Advanced Workplace Investigations, Credibility Assessments, Psychological Health & Safety in the Workplace, and Managing Unionized Environments.

Noelle Hajjar

Associate Investigator

Noelle brings 23 years of dedicated experience in health, healthcare improvement, and education, with a professional journey spanning across Canada, Asia, and South/Central America. With a keen interest in human behaviour, Noelle has focused her career on investigating complex patient safety-related events in diverse areas such as long-term care, indigenous health, and regulatory compliance. Embracing a trauma-informed approach, Noelle delves into the nuances of these investigations, ensuring a profound understanding of perspectives from all parties involved.

Noelle’s commitment to continuous learning is underscored by a Master of Science in Global Health, which has taken her on an international journey. Holding various quality improvement certifications and a Patient Safety Officer certification from Healthcare Excellence Canada, Noelle is well-equipped to navigate the complexities of healthcare-related events.

Furthermore, Noelle’s expertise extends to investigative practices, evident through her National Certified Investigator and Inspector Training (NCIT) Certificate from the Council on Licensure Enforcement and Regulation (CLEAR). Recent training in Credibility Assessment and workplace harassment investigation at Veritas adds to Noelle’s skill set. Currently pursuing full certification in Forensic Experiential Trauma Interview, Noelle is dedicated to staying at the forefront of best practices in investigations.

Noelle’s work is guided by not just professional competence but a genuine curiosity and adherence to “just culture,” ensuring impartiality and maintaining the highest standards in the application of legislation and workplace policy.

Bill Appleby

Associate Investigator

Bill is an experienced former RCMP investigator, with the majority of his service in Alberta. Bill developed his skills in ethnically and geographically diverse detachments before moving into the plainclothes world where he led successful drug, organized crime, and money laundering/proceeds of crime investigations. Bill also worked in an undercover capacity throughout Canada. With additional courses and experience in Administrative law, Bill brings a keen sense of justice, fairness, and evidence based critical analysis to Veritas Solutions.

Catherine Quevillon Schill

Associate Investigator

Catherine is an experienced Human Resources Team Lead, with a successful history of working in the public sector and utilities industry. With over 30 years of experience working in and for Saskatchewan government agencies, Catherine approaches all situations from a trauma informed perspective. She is committed to providing a safe and supportive environment. 

Catherine is skilled in leading workplace investigations, facilitating conflict resolution and providing senior level Human Resource & Labour and Employee Relations support to all levels of management.

Naomi Yamamoto

Associate Consultant/Investigator

Naomi brings her extensive business and political experience, combined with her Human Rights interests and workplace investigations training to our team. As a British Columbia MLA for two terms, holding five cabinet positions, Naomi has extensive knowledge of government, emergency management, and advanced education environments. Naomi is also our board governance subject matter expert.

Sara Lambert

Associate Consultant/Investigator

Sara Lambert is an Associate Investigator engaged in both regulatory and workplace investigations with Veritas Solutions. 

She is also a Qualified Mediator with several years of experience in Alternate Dispute Resolution. In her investigation work, Sara strives for excellence and consistency with regards to fairness, thoroughness, timeliness, and confidentiality. 

In her mediation and alternate dispute resolution work, Sara is passionate about empowering parties to resolve conflict and identify preventative solutions in the workplace.  Sara has a Bachelor of Commerce and a Qualified Mediator designation.  She is an avid learner and continually engages in learning activities to broaden her professional knowledge and hone her investigative and dispute resolution skills. 

Kurtis Kaskiw

Associate Investigator

Kurtis is an Associate Investigator with Veritas Solutions. At Veritas he primarily works with our workplace, sport and regulatory clients where he is able to use his extensive experience and background as a human resources practitioner to assist in the area of human resources risk management investigations

His approach to the work is driven by curiosity, objectivity, accountability, delivering results that stand up to scrutiny and above all else – finding the truth. Kurtis’s goal is to bring clarity, resolution and justice to complex situations. No matter the environment of the investigation, he is committed to fairness and impartiality which ensures that every investigation is conducted with the utmost integrity for all parties involved.

Kurtis holds a Bachelor of Management from the University of Lethbridge with a focus in Human Resources and Labour Relations. He obtained a designation as a Chartered Professional in Human Resources (CPHR) with CPHR Alberta

Cory Tymchuk CPHR

Associate Investigator

Cory is an Associate Investigator with Veritas and an experienced Human Resources Consultant with over 30 years of diverse business and HR experience in higher education, mining, utilities, manufacturing, not-for-profit, construction, public service and tourism. Dedicated to supporting organizations, leaders, and individuals seeking to improve their work environments for their employees and/or themselves, Cory is experienced in conducting workplace investigations, facilitating conflict resolution, and general human resource management.  

Cory is professionally trained in trauma informed workplace investigations and holds a University Certificate in Human Resources and Labour Relations.  

As a member of CPHR Alberta’s editorial committee, Cory authored, In Pursuit of Truth; Perspective Taking in Workplace Investigations, (CPHR Alberta Magazine, Issue 1, 2023), where her vision is captured by the quote, “An organizations’ willingness to properly pursue and reveal truth in workplace investigations can only be outdone by that same organizations’ willingness to properly pursue and reveal truth about itself.” 

Kim Wysseier CPHR, MSc., SHRM-SCP

Associate Investigator

Kim is bilingual ( French/English ) and leads workplace investigations in both languages. Immersed in fast growing high-tech and non-profit worlds. Kim partners with C-level and boards as an organizational strategist and leadership advisor. She holds an M.Sc degree, and the Prosci, CPHR, and SHRM-SCP designations. She enjoys virtual and in-person investigations and brings light to more sensitive investigations where the highest ranking executives are named.

Liam Ennis PhD

Associate Trainer/Consultant

Liam is an internationally recognized expert in violence and threat risk management.  Liam is a forensic psychologist and has lectured, written and provided service to numerous corporate clients in the areas of threat and violence risk management.

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