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Veritas Solutions is dedicated to providing comprehensive support in addressing the critical human resource risks, issues, complaints, and challenges faced by our corporate clients. As the foremost Human Resource Risk Management, Workplace, Regulatory, and Sport Investigations consulting firm in Western Canada, we stand at the forefront of delivering specialized expertise.

The surge in Harassment, Abuse, Sexual Harassment, and Discrimination complaints across the country necessitates a nuanced and insightful approach to investigations. These complex matters demand expertise, sensitivity, and a profound understanding of human behaviour, psychological safety principles, and legal requirements.

What sets us apart is our experienced, legally informed, courageous, and insightful approach to investigations, coupled with our commitment to providing proactive solutions and comprehensive training. We take pride in our continuous growth, offering expertise in workplace and regulatory investigations, psychological safety implementation, workplace culture assessments, leadership development, and dynamic corporate training in these interconnected areas. 

At Veritas Solutions, we are not just consultants; we are dedicated partners in navigating the evolving landscape of workplace challenges and ensuring the well-being of our clients and their teams.

Workplace Investigations

With significant expertise in both unionized and non-unionized environments, and a deep understanding of labor and employment law, we proudly stand as nationally recognized leaders in our industry.

Our commitment to excellence is evident in the neutral, impartial, thorough, evidence-based, and legally sound investigations we conduct for clients spanning the entire industry spectrum.

An honour and source of pride for us is being the preferred choice for the development and delivery of Workplace Investigation Certificate Training for Human Resource professionals. Through partnerships with Chartered Professional Human Resources (CPHR) in Saskatchewan, Alberta, BC, and Yukon, we have trained thousands of human resource and safety investigation practitioners. Consistently receiving the highest evaluations for our courses is a testament to our dedication to delivering quality education.

Led by our CEO, Bob Stenhouse, and supported by a team of leaders and professional associates with extensive experience in human resources, labor relations, human rights, municipal governance, regulatory compliance, and sport investigations, we provide timely and legally defensible solutions to mitigate corporate risk and legal exposure.

Harassment & Violence Risk Management

Addressing workplace violence, including psychological aspects, requires thorough hazard assessments and effective controls. Our team is committed to implementing industry best practices in hazard assessments, controls, training, and prevention to ensure a safe and secure working environment.

Psychological Safety, Culture Assessments, Workshops, Restoration, Training, Keynote Presentations

Unresolved workplace conflicts can swiftly escalate to formal investigations when left unaddressed. Certain issues demand psychological safety culture assessments tailored to specific needs. In our role as Certified Psychological Health and Safety advisors, Bob and our team pinpoint the root causes of workplace culture issues. Collaborating with the team and client, we devise and implement sustainable solutions.

Our proactive approach to reducing legal exposure and risks is evident in Bob’s formal training and experience. He brings awareness, a desire for change, and cultural transformation to areas such as harassment, psychological violence, bullying, and sexual harassment.

The innovative Risk Informed Management Training is tailored to help supervisors and managers comprehend Human Resource risks, empowering them to mitigate these risks through best management practices.

Bob’s expertise is in high demand as a trainer, keynote speaker, and public speaker. By weaving his unique and colourful experiences into stories and applications of the principles taught, Bob captivates his audience in an authentic and relational manner.

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Our mission statement is our name: Veritas Solutions. We believe that the solutions to the issues faced by our corporate clients will be mitigated on the foundation of truth. Our promise to our clients–We seek the truth and speak the truth–and that makes all the difference.

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