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Harassment, Bullying and Violence Investigations

Veritas Solutions’ investigations are conducted by the most experienced and trained investigators in the industry. Workplace harassment, bullying, violence or sexual violence investigations require a combination of experience, keen understanding of law, emotional intelligence and sensitivity to the nuances and human dynamics of the issues. Our investigators are highly experienced and have had training in trauma informed interviewing, conducting credibility assessments, and investigative analysis.

The Process

  1. Understand and analyze the scope and expected outcomes for our clients
  2. Ensure principles of natural justice and procedural best practices occur from the outset
  3. Conduct respectful, reasoned and considerate interviews of all parties (Complainant, Witness, Respondent)
  4. Collect and examine all corroborative evidence
  5. Conduct credibility assessments on persons interviewed
  6. Weigh all of the evidence and come to findings on the standard of proof : ‘balance of probabilities’
  7. Provide the client with any aggravating or mitigating factors that are discovered during the investigation
  8. Document and develop a comprehensive report
  9. Provide subject matter expertise to client from start to finish

Legal Scrutiny

The Principal Director of Veritas Solutions has been conducting and teaching investigation techniques for over 35 years. Bob is a passionate advocate for thorough, fair and just investigations. All investigations are conducted with the principles of natural justice and procedural fairness as their foundation.

The investigations conducted and managed by our Principal Director have been tested and withstood scrutiny by arbitrators, ombudsman, Public Interest and Disclosure Commissioner ( PIDA ) civil and criminal courts. Our investigation report template has been utilized by numerous organizations and identified as a model report by employment and labour lawyers.

Best Practices

Our investigations are conducted within industry best practices as developed through jurisprudence decisions and employment/labour and administrative law standards.

Our Principal Director is recognized as one of the premiere experts in this area and has trained hundreds of practitioners in investigative best practices.

Formula to Estimate Investigative Costs

To ensure transparency and accountability with our clients, the following formula is utilized in order to estimate costs. The length, complexity and risk of an investigation are all factors that may adjust our estimates.

  1. Initial review, analysis, plan and coordination with our corporate clients – 2-3 hrs
  2. Interviews – 2-4 hrs per person (including transcription of interview notes)
  3. Investigation and evidence analysis – 2-4 hrs
  4. Investigation report writing and quality assurance – 10-20 hrs.

Most workplace investigations can be completed in 40-60 hours. When there are several allegations, complainants or witnesses, the client is provided an estimation of hours and costs.  Any additional time required is discussed with our clients.


Please contact us for a proposal.  We use a sliding fee scale based on investigation complexity and level of corporate risk.  Our fee is based on both industry standard and commensurate with our expertise. This provides our clients with the right investigator and right price for their needs.

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