IDEA in the Workplace

Training Series

About This Training Series

Imagine a workplace where…

Diverse perspectives & voices are valued.

Innovation thrives.

Every employee feels empowered.

Psychological safety is a fundamental pillar.

Embrace the global marketplace values by making a sincere and authentic commitment to Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility (IDEA). 

Tailored for effective risk management, our innovative three-part IDEA training series equips your team to manage and mitigate risks related to employee experience, well-being, and organizational success.

Covering essential topics, such as creating diverse and inclusive spaces and addressing unconscious bias, our IDEA training offers enlightenment and growth opportunities for all, from leadership to front-line staff.

Comprising three distinct courses, this training series is flexible and can be acquired either as stand-alone modules or in a sequential progression. 

Offered in two separate streams: Leadership Stream or General Staff Stream.

trainings included in this series:

An introductory course on IDEA in the Workplace; what it means to embrace diversity and ignite inclusion in the workplace. In this training, participants will be equipped with the knowledge, skills and tools needed to promote inclusive practices and foster a welcoming and respectful working environment.

Diverse and inclusive spaces will explore with participants the cornerstone for success in a workplace: diversity and inclusion. All participants will have the opportunity to evaluate and assess the value of diversity, identifying gaps and addressing challenges to diverse workforces. Participants will led through steps on identifying and following through on opportunities to promote and foster a deeply integrated inclusive environment through a risk management lens and approach.

A training which leads all participants through a journey of self-awareness and growth. Participants can be expected to unveil the hidden biases that influence decisions, perceptions, impacting all areas in the workplace. Through an interactive, engaging and expert-led workshop you will gain valuable insights into your own thought patters, bringing the unconscious to the conscious and strategies to help mitigate harmful biases that pose risks that have a negative employee and organizational impact. 

Your Instructor

Basma Sheikh, MSc

Basma, the Director of Corporate Training at Veritas Solutions, leverages her extensive background in training, development, and Organizational Psychology to deliver impactful training programs across various industries in North America. In addition to her role in training, Basma serves as an investigator at Veritas Solutions, contributing to workplace investigations. With a profound belief in the transformative power of ongoing learning, Basma is dedicated to fostering inclusive and respectful workplace climates that mitigate human resources risks. Armed with a Master's degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology and expertise in IDEA concepts, she specializes in leadership development and is formally trained in conducting workplace investigations. Basma's overarching goal is to facilitate educational growth and psychological safety in all her training sessions, emphasizing the importance of respectful and open conversations for driving reformative change.

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