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Introducing a comprehensive training series designed to empower participants with fundamental skills and tools essential for fostering, advocating, and emphasizing respect in the workplace. This series delves into an in-depth analysis of human resource risks linked to a lack of respect in professional environments. It scrutinizes detrimental workplace expressions, evaluates tools, and explores strategies capable of countering harmful and damaging workplace behaviours and practices.

Comprising three distinct courses, this training series is flexible and can be acquired either as stand-alone modules or in a sequential progression. 

Offered in two separate streams: Leadership Stream or General Staff Stream.

trainings included in this series:

In this training, participants will actively assess the principles of respect in the workplace, recognizing the profound impact of respectful interactions on individuals, teams, and the overarching organizational culture. The emphasis will be on evaluating expressions, behaviors, and actions that indicate disrespect, while also examining the risks associated with neglecting respectful interactions and behaviours. The training will guide participants in demonstrating respect in the workplace by deeply acknowledging and embracing all differences. 

Delve deeper into harmful workplace expressions by identifying and categorizing them, while evaluating the impact and risks associated with their presence and prevalence in the workplace. Participants will actively assess, evaluate, and engage in discussions about the repercussions of microaggressions, workplace bullying, harassment, and discrimination within the professional environment. 

Exploring the essence of workplace civility and professionalism, this session unpacks what constitutes these qualities and how they can be effectively demonstrated in the workplace. By delving into the core principles of professionalism and exemplifying workplace etiquette across various contexts, participants gain valuable insights into fostering a culture of respect and professionalism in their professional environments. 

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