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Introducing a targeted Training Series centered on raising awareness and eradicating detrimental workplace behaviors and practices. These sessions empower participants to comprehend and assess the risks linked to workplace bullying, harassment, and violence. By engaging in these training modules, participants gain the skills and knowledge needed to respond to harmful and uncomfortable situations in the workplace confidently and with a focus on achieving positive outcomes. 

This flexible series offers the choice of stand-alone modules or a sequenced progression, accommodating varying learning needs.

Offered in two separate streams: Leadership Stream or General Staff Stream.

trainings included in this series:

Psychological safety stands as the linchpin for fostering workplace safety, inclusion, and the steadfast practice of respect. Environments lacking psychological safety often become breeding grounds for harmful workplace behaviours, such as harassment and bullying. 

This training is dedicated to identifying these detrimental workplace expressions and imparting strategies to control and enhance psychological safety. Covering aspects like policies and procedures, workplace behaviours and practices, and honing performance management skills, the training aims to fortify a work culture that prioritizes well-being, inclusivity, and the robust application of respect.

The identification and assessment of risks related to harmful workplace behaviours are pivotal in effectively managing, controlling, and ultimately eliminating detrimental practices. This training takes a comprehensive dive into understanding and evaluating the risks associated with workplace bullying, harassment, and violence, placing a significant emphasis on strategies for prevention and response within the workplace.

By participating in this training, individuals will acquire the tools and knowledge needed to confidently respond to harmful and uncomfortable situations in the workplace. The approach is centred on an outcome-focused methodology, empowering participants to address issues proactively and contribute to fostering a more positive and secure work environment.

Embark on an introductory training journey into emotional intelligence and its significance within the workplace. This session delves into the profound value and benefits of essential components such as self-awareness, self-control and regulation, empathy, motivation, and interpersonal/social skills in professional settings. Realistic workplace scenarios are referenced and explored, providing participants with practical insights and applications for cultivating emotional intelligence in their day-to-day interactions.

Your Instructor

Basma Sheikh, MSc

Basma, the Director of Corporate Training at Veritas Solutions, leverages her extensive background in training, development, and Organizational Psychology to deliver impactful training programs across various industries in North America. In addition to her role in training, Basma serves as an investigator at Veritas Solutions, contributing to workplace investigations. With a profound belief in the transformative power of ongoing learning, Basma is dedicated to fostering inclusive and respectful workplace climates that mitigate human resources risks. Armed with a Master's degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology and expertise in IDEA concepts, she specializes in leadership development and is formally trained in conducting workplace investigations. Basma's overarching goal is to facilitate educational growth and psychological safety in all her training sessions, emphasizing the importance of respectful and open conversations for driving reformative change.

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